【必威体育APP】The physical and chemical chamber of renovation project being completed

According to the plan on schedule,our company's physical and chemical testroom of renovation project has been fully completed on the end of May,2015.This renovation project has achieved apparent effect on three ways:

The first is expanding area:this reconstruction project,the area of original laboratory has been broadened into 1/3,so that it initially changes the condition of narrow area and crowded equipment, preparing the suffcient safe space to operate.

The second is updating spectrum analysis equipment: In view of chemical analysis, our company's present spectrograph has been used for many years so that the analysis accuracy has declined. In order to ensure the analysis precision and improve the work efficiency,we acquire a direct reading spectrometer of well-known brand and related ancillary equipment on the basis of full market research.

The third is adjusting equipment layout: The physical and chemical chamber after transformation, office seperates from test analysis area,which many units composed of mechanical properties chamber, spectral hardness testroom, low power sample preparation chamber, metallographic specimen chamberand chemical analysis room.Each unit is set up to be independent and closed space,avoiding the mutual influence of different test operations, and ensuring the validity of test or the accuracy of test results.

Under the situation of less optimistic economic environment at present,our company leadership headed by the genaral manager Lin has made a decision to do the reconstruction of the physical and chemical laboratory.This action fully reflects YHC to focus on practice of corporate internal strength,the concept and deed of creating excellence,contending for first place.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of this transformation project, and achieve the comprehensive effect of reasonable economy and high-effcient saving, our quality assurancce and equipment department has made fully study and developed detailed plan, which take sufficient discussion on flat layout scheme and several drafts.According to plan and construction scheme,the equipment department has operated full supervision and inspection on the construction progress and quality, so as to ensure the well-off completion of the project and pass the acceptance.

The successful transformation of physical and chemical chamber, which overally upgrade the present situation and ability of company's physical and chemical test.So that promote the product quality and provide efficient ensurance for customers with reassuring and reliable HOKKAI heads.

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