quality end cover


Beihai end cover

● Order special steel of end cover from excellent steel works (Tai Steel,Wu Steel and Pu Steel) in accordance with Beihai Steel works's special technical requirements for end cover materials.

● Main specification which is better than national standard: 
Carbon steel: Phosphorus P≤0.020% 、 Sulphur S≤0.015% 、 Stiffness ratio:бs/бb ≤ 75% 
������� UT: larger than 12mm ; Normalizing: larger than 16mm ; 3m width plate: larger than 10mm . 
0Cr18Ni9;carbon content C ≤ 0.06%

Benefits to customers

● Safe and reliable pressure vessels; 
● Users depended heavily on pressure vessels; 
● Raising customer's brand recognition; 
● Increasing intangible assets ; 
● Raising customer's business.

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