Quality Promise

■ Quality Commitment :

We believe in abiding in applicable law and regulations and to strive for continual improvement in order to provide good quality products so that our clients will be satisfied as well as aim the products at 100% quality assurance.


■ Comment:

Excellence and expertise in YiXing Hokkai has significantly contributed to the improvement of head manufacturing level in China, and bringing about a dramatic development in pressure vessels industry in China .

■ Performance:

» Hokkai Iron Works achieved 8.5 million sheets of deliveries for 40 years without an accident.

» Yixing HOKKAI achieved 1,000,000 sheets of deliveries for 10 years without an accident.

» Achieved monthly production and sales of more than 12,500 sheets of high quality head plates.

■ My pledge 

I pledge that I will give my total efforts to carry out my duties as General Manager of Quality Control Department of Yixing HOKKAI Head Plate Co., Ltd. in order to practice our quality commitment and achieve the quality objectives that we set, taking the leadership of comprehensive quality control process and those who are involved in product inspection.

On behalf of customers, I will in my capacity keep an eye on to ensure top quality products. Our commitment to quality stands on sincerity and reliability and drives our continual improvement in our products and services. I strongly believe that our reliable and assured quality products will benefit customers and the development of all industries in China.

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